A Tale by A Lewdolman


nce upon a place in a time far away called the 60s, lived a band of four young boys, and one who was probably a bit too old still to be a boy. Although they were happy boys and all snowy white, they yearned to be unhappy and black so that they could make music that was blue. So they sought advice at the Wise Alexis Korner shop who was a known practitioner in the Blue Arts and he bade them drink of the enchanted Muddy Waters and soon they were making the most exciting music the world has ever known and throughout the land people danced and the four young boys – and the not quite so young one – became rich and content and chased by young girls and getting thoroughly out of it.

But there came a time when it was no longer that place called the 60s and few could remember what it had been like and those who could, hadn’t really been there in the first place and were liars. Only three now survived of the five who had started out. The one known to all as Brian, even though that indeed was his name, had gone on to higher things after a rather unseemly squabble with one of the others over the hand of a foreign princess – and all her other bits as it happens – and the not so young one, who was by now old enough not to know better, had left to marry a childhood sweetheart – although not, it has to be said, from his own childhood.

Then just when people were beginning to forget how good had been their music, there came five young fans with a dream to resurrect their memory and to recreate the band in it’s original image. And so successful were they in their endeavours, that people likened them to the originals, and even at times better – but that is probably because they couldn’t afford to be quite so out of it. And throughout the land they played again the most exciting music the world has ever known (without annoying folk with the not so popular recent stuff) and people came in ever increasing numbers to see the Rollin’Stoned, for that indeed was their name, and danced and became very happy again for at last, young and old, they could remember what it was like in the 60s, even those who had been there in the first place.



~ The Beginning ~

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