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Amanda Bowler
So i saw you guys again tonight in pitchers maidenhead... brian jones x wow you are on it... took my ex and his sister and oap dad with me after i raved about you... danced my arse off on the side area and begged u to notice an 82 year old man... which u did x love you ling time x no one on this planet can criticise you xxx fabulous xxxx love you x cant wait to be near you again xxx brightened up my world and gave everyone in there a smile x awesome guys xx
  May 4, 2018†12:06 AM

richard cox
we got to Half Moon on Saturday to to be amazed and astounded by the band; we'd heard form other friends who'd seen you. We're long-time Stones fans. But we were TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by you guys: TOTALLY AWESOME AND OUTSTANDING!!
The whole experience was fantastic; music & costumes.
Can't wait to see you guys again.
Hackney Dick from Hackney Wick XXX
  April 30, 2018†9:41 AM

I saw you at the sax fest in saxmundum last year whilst visiting family up there.... you were truly the dogs bollox!!! Totally awesome. The best cover band i have ever seen... highly recommend you guys x
  April 26, 2018†2:17 PM

George Stas
Seen you in London a few times and now can't wait to see you in Dublin next month! The Academy is such an awesome venue too.
I'll be seeing the real Stones the night before at Croke Park but I think I'm more excited to see you guys again :-)
  April 17, 2018†2:45 PM

  March 31, 2018†6:13 PM

Andy Davey
Really excited to discover your upcoming gig at Mr Kyps in Poole and have bought tickets (8) for family and friends.
Is it ok to make a couple of song requests for what will be your last gig at this venue before it closes down?
We have seen you include 'All Down The Line' and 'Can't You Hear Me Knocking' before and would love to hear/see them again. You don't have to play all of 'Can't You Hear Me Knocking'!!!!! It's the intro that is so stunning.
All the best anyway. See you on the 20th April.
  March 17, 2018†12:06 PM

Where to start? If youíve not experienced The Stoned then you havenít lived yet!! Who else gives you 2 hours of, not just what you want but what you need?? Counting the days until I get to sing along with Mick and Byron. Best night out....ever ♥️
  February 18, 2018†9:22 PM

Covering the greatest periods of the stones with style

The greatest Rock n Roll tribute in the world
Thank you kindly

  February 18, 2018†4:52 PM

Charlie Shillibeer
First gig of mine seeing you guys was your first gig Half Moon,Putney, London. Was with Bill Hurley Lead Singer from The Inmates. Always try to see you guys, whenever possible and you guys always put in one hell of a show. Till the next time, cheers lads.
  February 18, 2018†8:44 AM

John Carmona
I saw you twice, probably one of the best cover I have ever seen. I would recommend anybody who loves the Stones to go and see you. 100% sure they wouldn't be disappointed
  February 15, 2018†9:39 PM

Saw you at Eel-Pie Jan 25 this year. Fabulous night...still have ear-worms as videod a lot of the gig.Sang with you all for Honky-Tonk...so...if you need any backing-singers...we're your gals!! 😎😍 Next gig..we'll be there!
  February 15, 2018†8:45 PM

Not seen you boys since Hampton Pool in the summer. Looking forward to this Fri as the Whitton boys will be in the house!
Any chance of sliding or slipping Like a Rolling Stone/Shine a Light or Torn & Frayed into the set list as an early Xmas present for Joe & Scott? Gold riings on you boys xxx
  December 18, 2017†9:54 AM

Lisa warren
Mick the raging bull!! Sure is isn't he Hannah!!
  November 21, 2017†7:04 PM

What a brilliant night at the beaverwood club last night ! The jokes from Mick the Raging Bull taurean came a close second to the Act ...(from little girl lost) x
  August 25, 2017†6:50 PM

Fabulous gig last Thursday at Eel Pie.
Took me and my best buddy back in time.
You guys were so good and awesome musicians..even got to sing with you.
We'd love to see you again soon..so hopefully Richmond or Hampton..can't wait.xx
  March 29, 2017†12:57 PM

Matt Barber
The Rollin Stoned,

You are one of the most fantastic tribute bands I've ever seen. I'm so looking forward to seeing you again. Saw you at the Half Moon Putney, in August 2016, its such an easy venue for me to get to, but this venue just doesn't do you guys justice!! This venue is far too small for how good you guys are, because you pull in such a big crowd. What spoiled it at this venue for me was it seemed to be over filled, so made the venue too crowded to enjoy your gig. I'd certainly want to see you play the half moon again, but make sure its not over crowded. But I'd certainly see you again because you're so awesome. It's just a shame I didn't get a chance to say hello to the band after the gig, maybe next time. Thanks for being so awesome!!!

  January 27, 2017†12:21 AM

Chris (Jagger) Williams
Guys, first of all Merry Xmas to you all !
Me and the rest of the 'groovy gang' are looking forward to seeing you all Tuesday night at the Beaverwood , Sidcup.
Love to hear 'Little Queenie' i know i've asked it for many time so perhaps it will get included this time but what ever i'm sure we are in for a cracking night
Cheers Guys
Chris (the guy who walks in yo your dressing room and sees you every time to say hello and good luck)
  December 17, 2016†8:06 PM

Sue and Paul
Guys - thank you a thousand million times for making our party so brilliant on Saturday 10th Sept 2016. And for keeping me amused whilst we were setting up. I love you guys sooooooo much. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  September 12, 2016†1:02 PM

Conrad Williams
I was at your gig at the O2 last weekend and being an avid Rolling Stones fan thought you were sublime. I wasn't sure what to expect but was notably impressed. I would like to book you for an event next year if possible for my Dad's birthday, a great Stones fan back in the day. Will be in touch on this. Thank you for a great evening.
  July 29, 2016†5:13 PM

hey man, so looking forward to seeing you cats in a couple of weeks at the flower pot, derby, is there any chance of you squeezing in :silver train : please, its just one of my favourites and not heard it from yourselves yet, you cant always get what you want but its only rock n roll but i like it especially when you cats are in town, cheers
  December 13, 2015†10:08 PM

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